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We're on the Move

We're on the Move

20 September 2016

For more than 20 years, we have provided the highest level of multidisciplinary cancer care in metro Washington. What began as an embedded practice in Friendship Hospital for Animals in DC, has grown to encompass state-of-the-art treatment options in multiple locations across the Mid-Atlantic.

We recently completed a transition to transfer the management and operation of the oncology specialty at Friendship Hospital to the FHA ownership and management teams.

For TOS, this represents an opportunity to expand the services we offer in each office and to increase our geographic coverage. For FHA, it is an opportunity to align their oncology practice with the expansion of other specialty services.

TOS is currently planning a new location within a multidisciplinary veterinary hospital in Silver Spring that will offer both medical and radiation oncology.

A Continuum of Care
Current patients of TOS at our Friendship Hospital location will have the opportunity to receive continuous care through the new oncology department at FHA.

Clients may also request to continue their treatment in either our Springfield or Leesburg locations. Regardless of where your patients choose to go, we will provide them with seamless and continuous care.

As part of the transition, Dr. Mallett and the rest of the TOS staff at Friendship will continue to provide oncology services at FHA. Dr. Khanna will see patients in our Springfield office until our Silver Spring location opens. The operations and management of our other locations in Leesburg, Springfield and Richmond will remain unchanged.

Committed to the Future of Veterinary Cancer Care
Change is sometimes necessary to make way for something better. We remain committed to providing the newest and best treatments for your patients and to delivering the future of veterinary cancer care. Stay tuned for more.

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