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New Clinical Trial Opens for Dogs with B-cell Lymphoma

New Clinical Trial Opens for Dogs with B-cell Lymphoma

13 August 2015

UPDATE: The study is now closed.

TOS is enrolling cases in a nationwide clinical study to evaluate a monoclonal antibody that is fully licensed by the USDA to aid in the treatment of dogs with B-cell lymphoma.

The study is designed to assess the benefit of adding B-cell Monoclonal Antibody to an abbreviated CHOP based protocol for previously untreated dogs with intermediate to high grade B-cell lymphoma.

Patients will receive a two cycle (abbreviated) CHOP based chemotherapy protocol along with concurrent monoclonal antibody starting treatment week 2 of the therapeutic protocol. Upon completion of the 9 week investigational protocol, patients will have their remission status checked monthly via physical exam.

The study duration is 12 months; however, if progressive disease occurs before the 12 month visit, dogs will be removed from the study at that time and chemotherapy can be re-instituted at the discretion of the veterinary oncologist.

The pet owner will be responsible for all costs associated with examinations, diagnostic tests, chemotherapy and associated administration fees.

Monoclonal antibody will be provided at no cost during the study period, however, the owner will be responsible for any associated administration fees. Costs related to adverse events due to chemotherapy and/or monoclonal antibody are not covered by the clinical study and are the responsibility of the pet owner.

Please have your pet's veterinarian contact TOS regarding questions about this study or call TOS to schedule a consultation.

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