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Transition for Oncology Patients at Friendship Hospital for Animals

Transition for Oncology Patients at Friendship Hospital for Animals

8 July 2016

The Oncology Service (TOS) and Friendship Hospital for Animals (FHA) have had a collaborative relationship that has allowed for comprehensive and state-of-the art treatment for thousands of pets with cancer at our Washington, DC location for over 20 years. TOS and FHA have recently agreed to transition the management and operation of the oncology specialty at this location to the FHA ownership and management teams. This change provides both groups a new opportunity that best meets their respective strategic goals and in-so-doing to provide the best cancer care to patients in the Washington DC area. Briefly, for FHA, this will represent an opportunity to deliver a cohesive model of specialty care that is consistent with the expansion of other specialty services it provides. For TOS this represents an opportunity to focus on its strengths in “Delivering the Future of Veterinary Cancer Care”.

The above transition has been carefully planned to limit impact on the existing staff and care of TOS patients at FHA. Indeed, a priority of this transition was to provide continuity of care to TOS patients. To this end Dr. Courtney Mallet will continue her work within FHA.

Current patients of TOS at FHA will have the opportunity to receive continuous care through the new oncology department at FHA, under the care of Dr. Mallet. At request, specific clients may also seek ongoing oncology care through other TOS locations in either Springfield or Leesburg, Virginia. Dr. Khanna will continue his practice of veterinary oncology through the TOS location in Springfield, Virginia. TOS and FHA will work in a collaborative fashion to assure a seamless and continuous path of cancer care in either of the described scenarios.

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