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TOS Welcomes Back Dr. Chand Khanna

TOS Welcomes Back Dr. Chand Khanna

1 July 2015

Dr. Chand Khanna is the founder of The Oncology Service and an internationally renowned leader in the veterinary oncology field. Despite being an avid skier, an accident on the slopes in early 2014 resulted in Chand sustaining a serious injury. His absence was felt deeply by all of us at TOS and indeed, by all who know him. It comes as no surprise that Chand has worked tirelessly to return to TOS, and after many months of dedicated effort and outstanding care, we are so pleased to welcome him back to work. Chand’s creativity and positive approach to veterinary oncology is again helping us provide the most innovative and advanced treatment options to our patients. He continues to infuse us with new ideas and hope.

We send our heartfelt thanks to all of the healthcare professionals that have provided him such wonderful care and to all of his colleagues, friends and clients who sent well wishes and encouragement along the way. We are all thrilled we have reached this milestone together.

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